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Memories of St. Andrew's

Below are some of the memories that have been sent to St. Andrew's via the alumni page. Any names that you recognise? If you would like to become part of the alumni of St. Andrew's, please complete the form in the alumni section.

Mr A Hutchings: 1946-1948

Evening viewing of the Moon with the late Sir Patrick Moore.

Mr D Townley: 1947-1952

My memories of the school were recently revived because I remember Patrick Moore teaching us at St. Andrew's. Who else remembers him?
And his signature Felix the cat?

Mr J Owens: 1948-1952

I attended at the time the school was run by the Maynards who I believe established the school and their daughter Gabrielle and son Rodney were attending the school at the same time as my older brother and I were there. Both my brother and I were good at sport nd got into the first 11's for football  hockey and cricket.  I captained both Football and Hockey.. I recall the swimming pool being built and learning to swim in freezing water (no such thing as heated pools early post war!).

Mr D Knapp: 1967-1972

A wonderful school and so many good memories that I sent my son to the school with his leaving in July 2011. I was also very fortunate to be a governor for 8 years during the late 1990s and early 2000s. My final association with the school continues as I assist in coaching hockey at St Andrews.. Thankfully the friendly and pastoral atmosphere that I remember as a boy remains as an integral part of the school as does the old science lab (now an art room) !

Mr H Rees: 1972-1978

A great school with totally dedicated (if not slightly eccentric) staff and their inspiration has come with me through life. . . My passion for French and drama was inspired by Mr Sicily; my passion for English by Colonel Ronald (Spud) - whose endless ditties are still in my brain today. . . I was sorry to hear of the death of Rodney Maynard and am sorry that I was unable to attend  his memorial Service. A caring and inspirational man.

Mr C. Anthony Saint: 1972-1977

A collage of many different things - the excitement of Sports Day; cross country running around the sandpit on Horsell Common; the secret world that boarders shared after the day boys had gone home; kindly respect and discipline; the Maynard family and all the staff; school cooking;  lots of sport; 1st XI photos with boys staring out proudly; the awe of looking at wooden panels in the dining room with the achievements of former pupils (hope my name is still on one of them somewhere); biscuits handed out by Matron at break time;  the uniform - I still have my old green cap.

Mr J Harrisson: 1977-1984

Mr Maynard (Headmaster who taught maths and very good at cricket)  Mr Lea (science)  Mr Sisley the French teacher (also ran the high jump)  Mr Spencer (taught Latin and Greek  also ran the long jump) among many others. There was one other teacher Mr Kitchingman  who taught history. He was also house master of Diamonds when I was the house captain. I have often wondered what happened to him after I left. 

Mr J Jenkins: 1977-1982

I wanted to say what a strong impact the ethos and teaching I received at St Andrews had on my life and I feel Rodney Maynard had a huge amount to do with that  and I thank him for that.. . I was in the same class as his son Jon-Mark and Diana was a few years below.

Mrs J Dicker (nee Leighton): 1983-1988

My time at St Andrews is best summed up by being a girl in an all boys school because both my parents worked at the school.  My father Anthony Leighton was Deputy Head and my mother taught in the Pre-Prep.

Mr B Fell: Jan-June 1985 (gap year teacher)

I arrived at St Andrew's in January 1985  aged 20  for a second ‘gap’; year  before returning to Cambridge that September to complete my degree. It was a difficult time in my life  having come close to crashing out of university altogether. The first person I met was Jason Beattie  another ‘gappie’; who was due to start at Birmingham that September. We remain firm friends  all these years later. Accommodation for me was in the gardener's house (is that what it was?) downstairs from Dick Kitchingman (History) and another colleague (Latin - I forget his name)  both of them classic bachelor prep school masters of the old school variety and  in their way  great mentors.. . Jason and I were given a wide range of duties  as the principal groundsmen  theatre set builders  junior games coaches  Latin and Geography teachers  boarding tutors and general factotums. We had a great time  not without plenty of incidents  and overall it gave me a fantastic and memorable experience. My memories of St Andrew's were certainly part of the reason I decided (eventually) to get around to a career in teaching.

Mr G Vicary: 1990-1992

While I attended school it was an all boy's boarding school  - when did that change? I remember being allowed to bring sweets at the beginning of each term that would be rationed to students each weekend over the course of the term.

Mr B Stokes: 1997-2007

One of my fondest memories of St. Andrew's was Maths with Mr Perks and PE with Mr McLaren. Also I remember getting to the IAPS national swimming finals at Millfield with Mr Dungey! But there were so many good memories!

Miss E Rathbone: 2007-2011

Year 4 piggy-back race, fantastic friends and cheerful atmosphere...

Mr D Sinden: 2008-2010

I sincerely believe I owe my academic successes to the excellent teaching I had in the humanities at St. Andrew's at a very formative stage in my life, particularly under Mr Spooner, Mr Hammond and Mr Murphy.