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St. Andrew's Educational Views

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  • 14/12/22

    Farewell to our Gap Students!

    We would like to wish our gap students a fond farewell as they leave St. Andrew's for their next adventures. Thank you for being such a wonderful support for our staff and children. We will miss you! 
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  • 29/09/21

    Why Boys and Girls Need Each Other

    What is the purpose of education? Is it to develop academically or to develop children ready to face the world ahead of them? There is no doubt our children will be entering a very different world from what we are experiencing now and the question we must ask is whether we are giving them the best e...
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  • 11/02/21

    Focus on Nursery - Mrs Knowles

    I am an Early Years primary school teacher, originally from Kingston Upon Thames. With a degree in French and Spanish, I started my teaching career at an infant school in North Somerset teaching Reception aged children in a small village setting. After a move back to Surrey to be closer to...
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  • 06/03/20

    Focus on Science - Mrs Canterbury

    Name: Mrs L Canterbury What is your favourite science field to teach and why? Any lesson which involves setting fire to things or taking something apart works for me! Science is all about discovery and my favourite sort of lesson is one where my pupils are actively involved in exciting and relev...
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  • 04/09/19

    Primary Independent School Choices; the case for co-education.

    One consideration that many parents fortunate enough to be investigating the option of independent education for their children, is whether to choose single sex or a co-educational environment for their sons or daughters.  For parents, it is not helpful that the age old arguments for one or the...
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  • 02/07/19

    The importance of a broad and balanced education for our Primary aged children

    In a world which seems increasingly to be driven by social media with its limiting and somewhat populist and opinionated messages, I have been concerned for some time that our children are increasingly isolated from a reality which still requires a broad and holistic view of the world to provide bal...
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  • 03/06/19

    Building a solid foundation for future achievement – the final two years at Prep School

    Over the years I have often been asked why the last two years of Prep School are so very valuable and enjoyable for children. With senior schools increasingly attracting children at age 11, what are the benefits to staying in the Prep school environment?
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