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Links & Resources

Here are some suggestions by staff members, parents and pupils of great websites, both fun and educational!

The History Channel It is a very interactive, fun, interesting site.  Quizzes, games, facts for all ages. The only problem is you need to visit the site when you have a lot of time on your hands, you'll be hooked! Another site for those still wanting more is School History.

Mrs Prowse describes her favourite sport (orienteering) as 'cunning running' or wild, tough and fun!  Have a look at the Southern Navigators web site or British Orienteering to learn more about orienteering.

A certain Maths teacher (Mr Evans) has been busy this week. His other suggestions are to visit NRich which is a maths web site developed by the University of Cambridge, or CountOn if your eager for more.
It looks like a great place to have fun with Maths!

You might want to tell your parents about this one as well. Free Courses is a website that gives you access to free courses on a wide and in-depth range of topics.

Anyone for tennis? Try Woking Tennis

There are some great science websites. Try Mike Curtis

Madame Samson suggests looking at French.about for essentials, offers, articles and resources.  Also recommended is Language Skills. Rated in the Education Guardian as "a terrific site that contains plenty of online interactive activities organised by year group". She also recommends TFI which is a british website designed to test your proficiency in french with loads of challenges and rating applications.

Love Reading? Try Love Reading 4 Schools. This site helps schools and parents with reading lists for years 1-9.  The service is free for parents and schools.

And lastly, for a more general site, try Gridclub. The school subscribes to this website and is most useful in supplying great educational resources and notes on curriculum relevance as well as many fun and exciting educational activities.

Watch this space, as more sites will be added over the coming weeks. If you like any of these sites, put them on your favourites list at home, as they will be changing.

Why don't you let us know what your favourite website is? E-mail:

We would love to hear from you!