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Headmaster's Update

Without doubt these are unprecedented times which place a huge burden on parents and staff alike as we strive to manage the significant disruption to our lives and routines.

Whilst we adapt and evolve our working and learning to meet the challenges of our uncertain future I am reassured beyond measure. Reassured that at St. Andrew’s we are far greater than the sum of our parts. Reassured that together as parents, pupils and staff we will make the most of these difficult times and come out the other side wiser for the experience. This reassurance is derived from all I have witnessed over the last two weeks as the staff have worked tirelessly to prepare for the inevitable. Starting from scratch they have developed a remote learning strategy within two short weeks. This is a major feat as typically it usually takes terms of training, review and financial input.

Whilst I am sure there will be teething problems which will be managed over the days and weeks ahead, I would like to offer, on everyone’s behalf, our enormous admiration and thanks to the teaching and administration staff for their exceptional efforts.

I have been equally impressed to be candid, by the attitude of our children who have gone about their daily tasks to this point with positivity and a sense of calm which belies their years. The media influences that our children are exposed to inevitably serve to heighten anxiety and so I have been delighted with their measured stoicism. Well done to you all!

Finally may I thank all our parents for their very kind and supportive words over recent days. These are very much appreciated by all the staff.