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Children's Mental Health Week

This week we have been highlighting the importance for the children’s mental health and wellbeing. During this lockdown much of the media emphasis has been on the academic impact and the potential implications for the children’s education in the future and beyond into their working life. This is of course a concern and something I believe we have addressed very well with our online provision however, for me, the biggest issue is how lockdown affects the children’s mental health. In a world where technology has taken aspects of our life to a new level, lockdown has emphasised our basic need for social interaction. We have been very fortunate that the children have had interactions with their teachers daily and can see many of their friends in lessons. This is important to enable the children to continue to feel connected. This week in the senior end of the school, the children had the opportunity to converse in small break out groups, allowing them that opportunity to interact with their friends. This was very popular and is something we will continue to look at for next half-term. As a school community we are very empathetic, and it is important that we all continue to talk to the children and pick up any issues before they manifest into something more serious. The partnership between parents and the school has never been more important than during this lockdown period.

This week’s Feel-Good Friday is all about expressing yourself. This is something that St. Andrew’s children do exceptionally well. The wide array of talent and personalities within the school makes us a very creative and diverse community. I have been so impressed with the children over the last term and a half and how they embrace everything that is put in front of them but also remaining true to themselves. Being able to express your true self is so important and I am glad the children at St. Andrew’s feel they can do so without fear of judgement.

Mr D Fitzgerald, Headmaster