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Virtual Activities & Fun Learning Resources

Detailed below are some recommendations of online resources and other ideas for your children to keep them entertained whilst they are at home and not undertaking virtual learning set through the school. We will continue to add to this page so do revisit from time to time. (Parents - please do ensure that you check the youtube settings for your children.)

Mr Spooner recommends the below document for our Years 3-8 children: '20 things to do while the school is closed'.

Mrs Essling suggests Art Projects for Kids  which is an American website that offers lots of fun art activities to help inspire your children.  

Mrs Canterbury would like to direct you to the following websites to engage in some fun activities:

Science Museum

The Natural History Museum

The Royal Institution

Mrs Prowse has recommended to learn to touchtype. St. Andrew's chose ET Junior as it was
designed by an Educational Psychologist and brings additional literacy benefits particularly with spelling.
A little daily practice is the best learning method, and it’s a great way to productively occupy your child
while at home. 

Our English department suggest Storyline Online which includes the words on screen and animated pictures from the books. Some authors are also taking part in Read Alouds. The English department also suggest taking a look at  Audible Stories and The World of David Walliams. You can also borrow ebooks from the Surrey Library Services

Our Maths department recommend the Maths Playground that has lots of fun activities for Years 1-6. The Maths Factor is also currently free (on a 21 day trial) and a useful and fun resource.

Mrs Heugh encourages you to take a look at this website that offers activities that are all designed to help our school community to connect with nature and to discover the wildlife that is all around us. 

Mrs Charles suggests that children make a small recipe book, using an exercise book or ICT,  asking members of their extended families to send them their favourite recipes which they could keep and refer to in years to come! 

Mr Deacon encourages you to take a look at the following websites:

Senior Drama:

Discover Theatre (please note that some shows will be 12+)

Shakespeare plays - different play coming each week...

Burts Drama (only look at KS3 work on here please)

Junior Drama:

Discover Theatre - (please check the rating for the shows - there will be some available for younger audiences)

Shakespeare plays 

Shakespeare Learning Zone

Did you know? In 1606, the plague shut London's theatres and Shakespeare retreated to Stratford to write some of his most important plays? What would you write about now you have the time and space to think? Be creative: write a play and perform it to your family!

Senior and Junior RE

Supporting RE - Primary

Supporting RE - Secondary

RE Resources for Children

Our Sports Department encourage you to view the Joe Wicks PE lesson which is available every day, Monday to Friday at 9am. 

Mr Lewis suggests you take a look at the following websites:

Location knowledge 

Map reading 

WWF learning resources 

Our Admin team have heard great things about the activities provided on the Scout website called 'The Great Indoors'!