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Senior Leadership Team

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D Fitzgerald
(2020) DDSL BEd (Hons) Edinburgh, NPQH
Mr A Law
(2016)   Accountant
Assistant Head (Academic)
Mr R Lawes
(2020) Assistant Head (Academic)/Maths*
BA (Hons) Reading, PGCE Oxford Brookes

Deputy Headmaster
Mr J Spooner


Head of Pastoral Care / PSHE/DSL*

MA (Hons) Nottingham, PGCE Oxford

Head of Pre-Prep & Early Years
Mrs L Spooner


Year 1/DDSL

BSc (Hons) London, PGCE Oxford

Head of Curriculum Development
Ms J Wheeler


Head of Curriculum Development/
ECT Co-ordinator

MA Reading, PGCE Greenwich

Senior School Staff

Mrs V Amos (2011) Teaching Asst. Years 3 & 4 City & Guilds Level 3
Mr S Andrews (2017) Head of English & Drama* BA (Hons) Surrey, PGCE Reading
Mrs D Ayling (2016) Head of Year 3*/General Subjects MEd Buckingham
Mrs K Blackham (2008) Learning Support BSc Loughborough (Hons), PGCE Kingston, PGDip in Education
Mrs K Blair (2022) General Subjects BA (Hons) Kent, PGCE Greenwich, PGC Leadership & Management in Education
Mrs S Brogden (2022) Art* BA (Hons) Humberside, PGCE Leeds
Mr J Browne (2015) Head of Co-Curricular Activities, Games / PE BSc (Hons) Bournemouth, PGCE Buckingham
Miss P Buxton (2023) Student Teacher  
Mrs L Canterbury (2014) Science*/Year 7 BSc Imperial College London, PGCE Surrey
Ms J Chance (2015) Learning/Social/Emotional Support Hornsby Cert. Level 4 Dyslexia & Literacy
Mr H Deacon (2016) TPR*, Classics*, Head of Years 7&8/DDSL BMus Guildhall, PGCE Buckingham
Mrs P Jamieson (2007) Learning Support BSc (Joint Hons) Nottingham, PGCE London, Cert in Dyslexia
Ms E Killian (2022) Science Technician MSc Johannesburg
Mr S Lewis  (2001) Director of Eco Strategy/Geography*  MA (Hons) Aberdeen, PGCE Southampton, FRGS
Mrs L Linaker (2023) Food Tech (part time) BSc PGCE
Mrs K Logie (1998) Head of Learning Support* Higher Dip Ed. Cape Town, PG Dip SpLD (York) AMBDA MDG
Mr McCue (2022) Head of Computing & Digital Strategy/Year 6/ADSL BEd (Hons) Plymouth
Mr C McLaren (2000) Director of Sport / P.E.* National Coaching Qualifications
Mrs G Preston (2000) Head of Girls' Games* BA (Hons) St Mary's
Mrs K Richardson (2006) Girls' Games/Pre-Prep PE* National Coaching Qualifications
Mrs H Smith (2011) Director of Music* BA (Hons) Kingston, PGCE Roehampton
Mrs J Smith (2015) Teaching Asst. Senior School NVQ3
Mrs E Sole (2016) Teaching Asst. Years 3 & 4 NVQ3
Miss U Stammers (2013) Year 6/Head of Years 5 & 6 MA (Hons) Edinburgh, PGCE London
Mr N Tickell (2022) MFL*/Year 5 BA (Hons) Leicester, PGCE Institute of Education, London
Mr S Vitty (2016) Year 4*/History* BA Sheffield, LLB, PGCE Brunel
Miss L White (2022) General Subjects BA (Hons) Reading
Mr J Watts (2023)  Student Teacher  
Miss G Wilson (2023) Student Teacher  
Mrs K Wilson (2009) Librarian BA (Hons) TCD, Dip Libn Ealing

* Head of Department

Pre-Prep Department

Mrs L Aston (2009) Year 1 BA (Hons) Brighton
Mrs S Burke (2013) Year 2, (Job share) BA (Hons) Nottingham Trent
Mrs C Bowker (2022) Forest School Leader MA London, PGCE Oxford, Level 3 Certificate in Forest School Leaders
Mrs T Bowler (2016) Nursery/ELSA Higher Level Teaching Asst. Status
Mrs O Carr (2017) Teaching Asst. (Nursery) & After School Club Leader  Diploma in Pre-School Practice
Mrs S Coulson (2010) Teaching Asst. (Nursery) NVQ3 CCLD
Mrs A Davidson (2014) Teaching Asst. (Year 1) City & Guilds Level 3
Mrs R Dukes (2022) Nursery (Maternity cover) BA (Hons) Nottingham Trent, PGCE Roehampton
Mr J Goodall (2020) Year 2 (Job share)/Music MEd Open University, PGCE Manchester Metropolitan
Miss D Hallett (2008) Teaching Asst. (Year 2) Higher Level Teaching Asst. Status
Mrs K Hubbard (2005) Deputy Head of Pre-Prep & Early Years/Year 2 Higher Dip in Ed. Port Elizabeth
Mrs G Manwaring (2015) Pre-Prep MFL / General Subjects MA Kingston, PGCE Kingston
Miss O Salla (2005) Reception BA (Hons) Kingston, SCITT Farnham
Miss H Scanlon (2022) Teaching Asst.  BSc (Hons) Southampton
Mrs E Southey-Knowles (2017) Maternity leave BA (Hons) West of England, PGCE Roehampton
Miss R Spurling (2019) Reception/DDSL/Acting Head of EYFS BA (Ed) (Hons) Winchester
Mrs M Stander (2012) Teaching Asst. (Reception) BA Pretoria, Higher Level Teaching Asst. Status, Helen Arkell Children with Special Needs Level 3
Mrs H Wrenn (2020) Teaching Asst. (Year 1) Diploma in T & L - Level 3

Administration / Support Staff

Ms D Adams (2015) Clerk to the Governors & Admin. Asst. to the Bursar  
Mrs S Curr (2015) School Administrator  
Mrs A Jackson (2002) Headmaster's PA & Senior Schools Co-ordinator  
Mr J Mak (2018) Assistant Facilities Officer  
Mrs J Manly (2011) Head of Marketing & Admissions  BA (Hons) Exeter
Mr D O'Donovan (2012) Facilities Officer  
Mrs G Thorne (2001) Finance Asst. to the Bursar  
Mrs J Walker (2022) Administration Assistant/Receptionist