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Half Term Challenge - Read to Someone or Something...

Your challenge is to record and/or take a photograph of yourself reading to someone in your family. This could be your mum or dad; your pet; a toy…

You could read your favourite story or part of a book or a poem (but we will be doing something with poetry later).

I will be reading my favourite children’s story book to Ziggy, my dog.

You could choose a real person/pet/toy but your video/photograph must show you with the person/thing/animal you are reading to.

We will be sharing these in class; with Pre-Prep and on the website/social media.

All photographs and/or short videos should be sent to

Deadline:  Monday 1st June.

Please note, all photographs/short video need to be sent from a parent's email address so that we know we have permission to  share them on the website and/or social media.

Enjoy yourselves and add this to your memory box! 

Ms Wheeler