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Celebrating Shakespeare Week

Pupils Years 3-7 have used Shakespeare Week to explore Shakespeare's life, the nature of his comedies, tragedies and histories, and how they might reflect the nature of 'being human' across a range of curriculum subjects this week. This has included closer study of A Midsummer Night's Dream, including watching the RSC's live-stream, hi-tech 'Dream', a piece inspired by the fairy characters from Shakespeare's original but transformed into a CGI/VR world, with live performers 'bobbled-up'. It was also a good excuse to morph into our own avatars for the day in 'Fairy Hair and Make-up'!

Having started the week "In thunder, lightning or in rain... Hovering through the fog and filthy air" that was worthy of the witches, we end it dreaming of midsummer, (who else has 21st June etched into their calendars?) and freedom from this pandemic, remembering that Shakespeare's theatres were also frequently closed due to quarantine to avoid 'the plague' too. Like the Bard and his company of King's Men, we (and the theatre-world!) have learned to adapt to the 'new normal', but in thinking on Shakespeare we can also reflect that the most fascinating themes of our lives stay the same - Power, Love, Money, Death, Revenge, Friendship, Fate and Free Will.

Many thanks to all staff who have adapted their teaching curriculums and especially to Mr Vitty, Mrs Wilson and Mr Andrews, who recorded the audio for some Shakespeare Stories the children have enjoyed this week. All the school's a stage!

Mr H Deacon
Head of Drama 

Take a look at the wonderful array of fairy hair and make up in our Gallery.