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Chapter Writing Competition - King Edward's Witley

We were thrilled to learn that three of our Year 7 children were winners in the Chapter Writing Competition organised by King Edward's School, Witley. Having participated in a World Book Day workshop with Dr Adam Baron, the children were tasked with writing the opening chapter to a book.

Here are some snippets from the three winning entries:

Pellets of rain splashed on his face. He could see strangers, their faces surrounding him, their lips were moving but he remained in silence. Under the porch was safe, cosy and a good hiding place. One hand reached out for him before another stretched under the cracked wooden planks. He wasn’t sure whether the person wanted to hurt him or not, but squirmed so they couldn’t reach him and tried to disappear into the night. 


Reluctantly, Aaron trudged to the door, where his Mother was standing, ready to leave. “You never know, you might enjoy it!”
“No I won’t, I know I won’t, and I never will,” said Aaron, grumpily.

Aaron, for all his life had hated going outdoors, he hated the cold, the heat, the grass, no matter the weather, he hated it. Even when going to school, he would always speedily hop on the bus, and run straight inside school.  At break times, he would hide in the reading area, and if he was found he would run to the shed in the playground. No one could ever understand why he hated the outdoors so much, but he always had.


It really was his birthday! This was amazing! He rushed downstairs to see what would be his greatest present yet. He had been dreaming of a brand new 64GB integrated voice recognition style, cooling fan, gaming computer. 

The writing in the card seemed strange : “Pack your bags!!” However, Hayden didn’t think about it too much because he was sure it was his new computer. The time came. Hayden didn’t want to be rude and rip off the wrapping paper as quickly as possible so he carefully unpeeled the Sellotape and slowly revealed a ...brand new, red, bright red rucksack!!!

Hayden was silent, he couldn’t think what to say. After what seemed like forever, Hayden finally said, “Thank you very much…” in a very quiet, flat, disappointed voice. Hayden’s mum, Karen, said in a very excited voice, “There’s something else inside!”