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Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we are frequently asked – we hope you will find the answers useful.

Q. Can I visit the school at any time?

A. Every prospective parent is expected to have met with the Headmaster before being offered a place at St. Andrew’s (if at all possible). Appointments take place Monday to Friday mornings in term-time (when restrictions allow) and usually take about an hour which includes a tour of the school. It may be possible to make an alternative time or to occasionally visit during the school holidays but we feel it is very important for prospective parents to visit us during a “normal” day when the children are in school.

Q. When do most children join the school?

A. The vast majority of children join us in Nursery in the Christmas term (September) after they have turned 3 years old. We do not have dedicated intakes for or additional spaces in either Reception or Year 3, for example.

Q. Can children join at other times of the year?

A. Yes, although this happens less often and is considered on an individual basis.  We would not recommend, for instance, that a Nursery child joins us at the beginning of the summer term.

Q. Are there places available in other year groups further up the school?

A. Occasionally places become available in other year groups.

Q. Can I put my child on a waiting list for future entry?

A. Yes, although this does not guarantee a place. A full term’s notice is required for a child to leave the school so you may not be offered a place for September until the beginning of the summer term (April).

Q. Can I find out where my child is on the waiting list?

A. Waiting lists change as some families register at a number of schools or may relocate out of the area whilst on the waiting list. Siblings are also given priority for places where possible so it is difficult to be precise about waiting list lengths/priority on list when it is constantly changing.

Q. If a place does not become available, will my child be moved automatically on to the following year’s waiting list?

A. No, please contact us to request that you would like your child to remain on the next year’s waiting list.

Q. Is the Registration Fee or Acceptance Deposit refundable?

A. The Registration Fee is non refundable and must be paid if you wish to register your child for a place at the school. The Acceptance Deposit is refunded at the end of the term when your child leaves the school. It is not refunded if you cancel your acceptance of a place, even if you give more than a term’s notice. Please see our Terms & Conditions which will give you more information about the Acceptance Deposit and how it is credited.

Q. What does 'a term’s notice' mean?

A. A Term's Written Notice: means Notice given before the first day of a Term and expiring at the end of that Term. A Term's Written Notice must be given if: the Parents wish to cancel the place after acceptance; or the Parents wish to withdraw the Pupil who has entered the School; or the Pupil will not return for the following year even if he / she has achieved the required grades. Otherwise parents will be charged a term's fees in lieu thereof. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.