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World Book Day 2021

World Book Day Challenges 

World Book Day is going to look slightly different this year. We are not going to be able to create our usual festival of colour and laughter. But we can still attempt to do it online! 

Attached is a list of some challenges that you could participate in ahead of the day and on the actual day itself. (You can think of some other ones and put them at the bottom of the table!)

Think about some of the challenges you can actually complete on 4th March 2021 and then others that you could do ahead of that day or even after it. You could even bring some of the completed challenges to school when we return.

Don’t forget to ask your parents to take lots of pictures of you dressing up or to photograph the cakes you are baking or the stories you are reading and they can send them into the school so that we can see how you have done.

Email photos/video to:

Please note that if you do NOT wish your photographs to be shared on our website or on social media, then please do NOT email them to us.

Good luck and have fun!!

Share 2021 Stories Class Challenge 

As World Book Day is slightly different this year we have created an online challenge that we can continue back in the classroom.

So… each class is going to undertake the ‘Share a Story for St. Andrew’s Challenge’


"How does that work?" I hear you say?

Well... started last year by the organisers of  World Book Day, this challenge tasks each class to read and share as many stories as they possibly can in the month of March 2021.

"How can you share a story?" I hear you ask?
Well… we love reading at St. Andrew’s and we love reading to each other even more. So each time you read a book, be it in story time, in the class, at home or elsewhere, if you read for 10 minutes, you have shared a story! It is as easy as that!

"So how do we get to 2021 Mr Vitty?"  I hear from the back!


If you read a book to 10 people for 10 minutes, you have shared a story with 10 people. If you share a story the day after to 20 people, you have shared a story with 30 people across the two days. Day 1 (10) +  Day 2 (20).

Our aim is to reach a total of 2,021 shared stories for the month of March! The number of stories shared should be given to your Form teacher each day so that we can keep track of each class.


So why don’t we set up a target in each class?  And a school target?  What if there is a prize for the best class at the end of it all ?

Sounds like a challenge we can all rise to... We can travel the universe and beyond  from the comfort of our own homes… So let’s start the adventure…. Share… Read… Discover… Explore… 

…Happy reading, happy sharing!


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