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  • 26/03/20

    Headmaster's Update

    Without doubt these are unprecedented times which place a huge burden on parents and staff alike as we strive to manage the significant disruption to our lives and routines.
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  • 17/03/20

    Year 6 Junior Citizen

    Year 6 all participated in a series of talks and demonstrations which included, Stranger Danger, Railway Safety, Healthy Eating, Woking Borough Council Neighbourhood Scheme, Fire Safety, RNLI and HOPE UK.  A great time was had, and plenty of extremely useful information received.
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  • 15/03/20

    Science Week Competition - Sunday

    Donated by the Games Department and obeys Newton’s Second Law. Many thanks to Kingswood Vets for providing all the images in the competition.
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  • 14/03/20

    Science Week Competition - Saturday

    If you look closely you can read the makers mark!
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  • 13/03/20

    Science Week Competition - Friday

    An unusual view of a rock pool classic.
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  • 12/03/20

    Science Week Competition - Thursday

    This one was donated by the ICT Department. Tricky isn’t it?
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  • 10/03/20

    Science Week Competition - Tuesday

    Guess the object! This ethereal looking image comes from an object donated by the Art Department.
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  • 09/03/20

    Science Week Competition - Monday

    An easy cheesy one to get you started! Many thanks to Kingswood Vets for providing all the images in the competition.
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  • 06/03/20

    St. Andrew's Celebrates a Fantasy Inspired World Book Day

    St. Andrew’s School Woking celebrated World Book Day this year focussing on the genre of fantasy, and science fiction in children’s literature. The whole school were involved and thrilled to have two highly acclaimed authors, Daniel Blythe and Miriam Moss, run inspiring workshops through...
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  • 04/03/20

    Science Week Competition!

    Next week is UK Science Week! The St. Andrew’s Science Department has teamed up with to bring you an exciting competition. Mrs C took some everyday items to be examined by the vet using the X-Ray machine. Study the images closely and see if you can guess what t...
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