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Team Sheets


Information for Parents

St. Andrew’s School has a full programme of sports throughout the year.  The main team games undertaken in the year are Football, Netball, Hockey, Cricket and Rounders.  In addition to this the school provides opportunity to participate in Orienteering, Tennis and Swimming teams. 

The Games Programme:

Children are allocated a place in a certain group or ‘Game’.  These Games groups are based on age and current sporting development.  Children may move from one game to another dependent on development throughout each week.  At the start of each term there may be a greater movement of children between Games as their ability is assessed and they are placed in the Game best suited to their current development.  The knowledge gained by staff supervising and coaching these sessions will then allow them to select teams to represent the school.

Age Group Year Group Coaching Days Coaching Staff
Under 13 7&8 Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday


Under 11 5&6 As above


Under 9 3&4

Monday, Tuesday, 
Thursday, Friday


Under 13 and Under 11 matches are usually played on a Wednesday afternoon.  Under 9 matches are usually played on a Thursday afternoon.

Team Selection:

The School’s U13 1st and 2nd teams are chosen from Years 7 and 8.  The U13 1st girls teams will have their own Netball and Rounders fixtures but will play in a mixed hockey team with the boys.

The U11 Football, Netball, Hockey, Cricket and Rounders teams are chosen from children in Years 5 and 6.  (U11 Football teams are chosen from Year 6 and U10 football teams chosen from Year 5.  This is in accordance with the guidance provided by the Football Association.)

The U9 and U8 teams are chosen from Years 3 and 4, with selection priority at U9 level given to Year 4.

The school will always field the most competitive team in each age group at 1st team or A and B team level.  Decisions on selection are made after daily consultation between all staff responsible for teaching within the representative age group and not by one member of staff alone.  This ensures all children are considered and allows the opportunity for selection changes when and where appropriate.  It is important to ensure as many children as possible represent their school on a regular basis and opportunities are provided to enable children to enjoy this valuable experience.  The running of C, D and E teams provides a chance for children who do not normally represent the school at ‘A’ or ‘B’ team level to participate.

Every child in the school is given ample opportunity to prove their worth on the games field and every effort is made to ensure the children are given a fair chance of selection in each sport.  This is enabled by regular consultation between staff and strong encouragement.  It is important, however, that children are not exposed to circumstances that may hinder their development.  This is likely to happen if they are grouped with other children of widely varying abilities.  Overall, it must be stressed that hard work, good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and good conduct are more important than winning or the losing.

On the occasions when not selected for a team, children enjoy an hour of sports coaching and an hour of sport related indoor or outdoor activities.

Team selection and participation may vary for external competitions, such as IAPS or National competitions.  Children from younger year groups may be selected, with parents’ permission, to play for the school in these fixtures.

House Matches:

In addition to inter school matches there is a comprehensive inter House sports programme over the course of the year.  This enables all children wherever possible to play competitively for a team and represent their House.

Evening Activities:

Children can also attend Evening Activities which offer training in sports such as cricket, hockey and football.  These voluntary activities are designed to supplement the training received by children in the games sessions.  In Year 2 ‘Core Sports’ activities are offered to children in order to provide basic skills training in the main representative sports enjoyed in the senior school.

Rewards and Encouragement:

All children are encouraged and supported in the key areas of fitness, core skills and most importantly the development of team work.  All children receive coaching and guidance from staff with specific skills in each sporting discipline.

Within the games sessions, staff will recognise and reward all children, no matter of their ability, for a positive attitude and effort in their lessons.  If children require support in attaining a higher standard this will always be provided.  Children receive rewards in the same way as they would in other areas of school life including Stars and Merits.

In order to boost and encourage children who are making strong progress at any level the school has introduced a system of public recognition for children in each year group.  The recipients who, in the opinion of the staff, have made strong progress in any area will receive a Headmaster’s Commendation for ‘Improvement in Games’.  This will be awarded in Assembly and published in the school newsletter.

Colours are awarded to children showing outstanding attitude, skill and commitment to their team.  U11 colours are awarded in Netball, Football, Hockey, Rounders and Cricket.  Children receive U11 colours in Year 6.  Likewise U13 half colours are awarded in Year 7 or Year 8.  U13 full colours are awarded in Year 8.


Staff will strive to explain to pupils any changes in team representation prior to team publication.  This will enable children to recognise and understand what areas of their performance they may need to address.

In the Parents section on this website there are links to the Sports Department Long Term plans showing the coaching that children will receive.  (Please be aware that these will be subject to change according to children’s specific needs and weather conditions.)

There is also the opportunity for parents to discuss their children’s progress at Sports Department parent evenings.  Outside of these evenings, parents can contact any member of the coaching staff (Mr McLaren, Mrs Preston, Mr Browne, Mrs Richardson or Mr Robinson) via the school office for further information regarding their children’s progress.